Media: The Second God

Tony Schwartz’s followup book to The Responsive Chord.

The Second God not only makes provocative reading for professionals; it is an invaluable introduction to the special “language” of sound and visual communication, by one of media’s most creative and compelling interpreters.

“Tony Schwartz hears and sees what we only barely perceive. This is not a technical book, but it conveys extraordinary information and perception of the ways in which the new media are changing our world. A remarkable book.”

Mike Pertschuk

Federal Trade Commission

“Students and scholars of communication should be grateful that Tony Schwartz has written another original, compelling book about how media work. Tony Schwartz is a creative genius and a masterful teacher.”

Prof. Kathleen Hall Jamieson

Director, Annenberg Public Policy Center

“Who else could write more brilliantly about media as a second god than one of the few humans who has learned how to use and control it… Tony Schwartz. This is a superb book.”

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan

The Second God takes up where The Responsive Chord left off, and is indispensable reading for anyone who works with media. Tony Schwartz shatters some myths and establishes some new standards by which all media will be judged.”

Joseph Napolitan

International Political Consultant

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